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Sorry for any typos. I mostly blog from my iPhone lying in bed nursing a baby or sitting on the couch nursing a baby, or wearing a baby nursing. In between home schooling and laundry and diaper changing. Oh did I mention I might be nursing a baby? The point is, I rarely sit down at the computer. Thanks for understanding. You're the best!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New year to you all. I pray that the Love, Joy and Peace of Christ fills you this year. We had quite a 2013. We moved 3 times and finally settled into a home that we are renting from my grandparents.  They need to move somewhere with out stairs and we needed a place to live. We are kind of settled in. We have been in this new home since August, In September We found out I am expecting baby #5 the end of May. We are now living in a new state, a new home, and new job for my husband, He is officially getting out of the military after 10 years and we have a new baby on the way. Wow, What a year it was.

We have been so blessed to be able to move near my family. I have been away from them for about 13 years. I visit a lot, but I really did miss them. I know it is bitter sweet for my husband, since we did move away form his family and my step son. I hope we have to opportunity to visit often. 

Now that we are settling into a new life, we realized we need to make a few changes. Mostly, I need to make a few changes to my homemaking, homeschooling, mothering stuff :)

If you know me, you know, I am pretty messy. I don't particularly enjoy all things domestic. I thought I would before I got married, but I way wrong :)

I hate dishes, I forget about laundry, I pile junk instead of deal with it right away. As a result of my messy ways, a lot of thing get left undone. I can say that my bathroom is usually clean. I just have a weird thing about dirty bathrooms, they get cleaned a lot. SO I have that going for me. 

I have read a few books on organizing and cleaning. The one I have found the most helpful for me is A mother Rule of Life. I like this one, because it focuses on the whole person, the whole family and its is meant to help you in your vocation, not just cleaning. It is centered around God and the Church. I am still in the middle of rereading it, but have already implemented a new schedule. A very, very, very, simple new schedule.

I needed to make sure, I made time for prayer, and family prayer. I need to make sure school gets done everyday. I need to gain control of the laundry and the dishes. Then, just make sure the random things all over the house get addressed each day. 

So here is my simple, work in progress schedule.

DAILY: Wake at 5am, shower, dressed, make coffee say Rosary.
              Make breakfast
              unload dishwasher.
              Mass practice 
              clean up kitchen after each meal
              15 minute family clean up after breakfast, lunch and before dinner

Monday: bedding laundry
              clean downstairs bathroom

Tuesday: towels laundry
               clean kids bathroom

Wednesday: oldest and youngest laundry
                    clean master bathroom

Thursday: little boys laundry (they wear they same size)
                Declutter project 
                clean downstairs bathroom

Friday: Husbands and my Laundry
            clean master bedroom and bathroom. 

After every meal kitchen chores.
             rinse and load dishes
             wash pots and pans
             wiped down counters and table

My biggest issues are laundry and dishes. So that is what my focus is for now. 

You may have noticed that I have Mass practice in my daily things. My kids are not very good at sitting still and quiet at Mass. So I decided we need to practice. I can't go to daily Mass with them all at this time, so instead to are watching Mass on the Internet. CatholicTV.com shows daily Mass on demand everyday. I set up the Chairs, we practice walking in, genuflecting, saying our prayers and sitting still and listening. We been doing it for 2 weeks about 4 days a week. Then of course we go to Sunday Mass as a Family. I like that I can explain whats going on , we are learning the prayers and I can hold a screaming baby in my lap until they stop crying with out having to leave the church. I think its helping too. 

I think this is simple enough for me to not get overwhelmed. I hope to add more later, but I just need to keep my head above water for a bit. 

What does your day look like? I love hearing how other moms, get stuff done. 

I'll keep you posted on our success and failures.

God Bless you all!

Monday, December 16, 2013


I'm back... I hope for a while. I've been experiencing some pretty bad ALL DAY. Morning sickness. That's right, I'm pregnant. Whoot whoot! We are really excited around here. I'll talk all about that later. Today I have a really exciting giveaway to tell you about.

Veils by lily is giving away one of her beautiful veils. If you didn't know, I wear a veil at Mass and have for about 2 years. This is my favorite. Just so cheery.

So if you veil, or know someone that does. Go enter to win. I'd love to hear about your veiling experience in the comments.

Until next time friends. God bless.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

homeschool fun

I love workbooks. I could buy them all day and gaze at their beauty. I love the idea of my children using them to practice handwriting or math.

What I don't like it when they use them and "mess them up" :) I feel ripped off. It was so pretty, so new, so useful. Now is covered in marker, crayon, pen and no one is better at handwriting. We have 4 kids we are homeschooling and buying all those workbooks can get pricey.

I first thought I could just make copies each day for them to practice. I may still do that for somethings. But today I had an idea. For my preschoolers and kindergartner and maybe even my 3 grader for somethings I am laminating the workbook pages and they can practice with dry erase marker over and over again, until a skill is mastered.

I took our preschool workbooks and laminated them!
Now we have reusable workbooks. Whoot, whoot! I really love my laminater. It was only $24 dollars on amazon and has been well worth the tiny investment. Most of our preschool stuff we get from the Dollar Store. Some of these tracing books my mom bought a few years ago.  We have laminated flash cards and sentence practice too. So fun!

I am so happy about this I could giggle, in fact I did the whole time i was laminating!

Happy Homeschooling!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

late start is still a start

If you are following my journey to happier mornings then you know I'm not really a morning person anymore. I also struggle with the sin of perfectionism. Yes in my life this is sinful. If you know me you know I am messy and unorganized. My mindset for a long time has been "if i can't do it perfect, i just don't do it" Wrong thinking? Yes! Very wrong!

I am Not Perfects. But In Christ My willing spirit is made perfect "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me" 2 Corinthians 12:9

So the quick version of what I am relearning this week, is, Just get back up lady and start where you left off.  "Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning" Lamentations 3:23

The challenge has been going well. I've been getting up about 5:30 each day and spending time in prayer, and working on business stuff. It's a little more the 2 hours before the kids get up. Sometimes I have a little one with me, must mostly not. It has been great, peaceful time. 

However today, I slept through my alarm by 2, yes 2 hours :( But instead of being angry about it, I just got up and carried on as usual. Thankfully and praise God, the kids were still asleep, so I was able to Pray and study my Bible for a good 45 minutes. Then we made breakfast. Now the kids have a few free minutes, while I type this up. After I'm done here We'll Start school 2 hours late. 

Gods, power is made perfect in our weakness. His grace is sufficient! Let It be sufficient. 

OK, I have to run, we have school to do. 

Have an Awesome Tuesday! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

breastfeeding Multitasking

I like to multitask. If I can do 2 things at once, I am happy. I really think is more like add. But we'll call it multitasking :)

For example, in high school, I couldn't just watch a show with my family on a Friday night. I had to also be writing and flipping through a magazine at the same time. I don't idle well. 

Silent prayer has always been hard. Something I really have to focus on. Be still and be with God. 
The be still part, is the hard part for me. My brain works really fast. 

So, when i became a mom, I brought my multitasking ways with me. Breastfeeding/ pumping with baby number 1, I read and watched tv.

By the time I had baby number 2, I had a smart phone and I wasn't afraid to use it. :)

I read a lot of books on breastfeeding (something I struggled with ) I read email, checked facebook, all while nursing my sweet baby. It seemed to be a great time to multitask. 

Then came baby 3 and then 4 all pretty quick. 

We didn't have a computer. So all my Internet needs were fulfilled by my smart phone. Email, Facebook, blogging. I did most of it while nursing a baby or two. 

Well, a few weeks ago I realized I was WAY stressed out. (Something I don't  normally deal With) We are in the middle of a move, a job change for my husband, homeschooling and launching some family  businesses .  A lot to do at once. 

One of the things I always look forward to during  the day, is getting to sit and nurse my sweet baby girl. It doesn't happen very often any more since she's 17 months old, but it's still one of my favorite things  each day. I get to lay down and chill for a few minutes. 

What I noticed last week was, I ALWAYS, Facebook, blog or read while nursing. I didn't ever think this was a problem. But this week I decided to put the iPhone down while breastfeeding and let the happy mommy hormones really help me relax. I realized my brain was never at rest. I was always on the go. always "at work" 

I feel God really working on my mommy heart, to just be still and love my baby and rest. Moms don't get a lot of that. But it's built into our day.  We just have to take the time God gives us. 

So off with the phone. (At least while nursing) :)

What do you think about breastfeeding and multitasking? 

Monday, August 19, 2013

hello simple breakfasts

I am participating in the hello hello mornings challenge.  Today is day 1. And if you read about my morning monsters you know I need to come up with a simple, sane way to feed all these kids and myself, while I'm still in a daze.

So here is my,
Hello Breakfast Menu

Soaked oatmeal We really like soaked oatmeal. I measure out about 2 cups of oats into my cooking pot. dice one apple and put into the pot, cover with water, mix in about a tbsp of yogurt cover the pot and let it sit on the counter over night. In the morning, I turn on the pot, bring it to a light boil, turn it down until it's warmed. Then serve with cinnamon and milk or cream.

Pancakes. I make up the pancakes sometime during the week and store in fridge or freezer. In the morning I just warm them in the microwave or toaster. Easy Peasy. I am just using the good old fashioned Better Homes and Gardens red and white cookbook recipe, but am working on some almond flour, and whole wheat recipes. I'm sure you could do the same thing with these.

Baked eggs. Whip up 6 eggs with a little milk poor into buttered muffin tins cover and store in fridge (or you can do it all in the morning, I wont be that awake)  In the Morning pop in the 350 oven for 10ish minutes until done. Serve on homemade rolls or alone with cheese. If you want to get fancy these are really yummy

homemade or not :) yogurt. I love making yogurt, but sometimes I don't do it. So I buy it.
We eat it with frozen blueberries

I won't lie, I'm sure there will be days, we'll probably have, just plain old toast and jam. But I'm hoping my menu will eliminate the "shhh and just eat some bread or cold cereal" monster that likes to show up in the morning.

Bless us, 
O Lord, 
and these your gifts, 
which we are about to receive 
from your bounty.
Through Christ our Lord. 


What are your favorite sane breakfasts?

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Sanity Saver

I just recived these in the mail yesterday.
 I am so excited about them. Drinkbands are going to change our dishes situation forever. We have 4 kids and we always seem to forget whose glass is whose. So I end up just getting a new glass for whoever lost track of which was theirs. It happens all day.

I tried color coded plastic cups but if they didn't get washed that day or were still in the dishwasher I didn't have the right color for the right child.

But now that  I have Drinkbands, I can put one on any glass and we know whose is whose. Its already working like a charm.

Check it out and let me know what you think!