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Sorry for any typos. I mostly blog from my iPhone lying in bed nursing a baby or sitting on the couch nursing a baby, or wearing a baby nursing. In between home schooling and laundry and diaper changing. Oh did I mention I might be nursing a baby? The point is, I rarely sit down at the computer. Thanks for understanding. You're the best!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby wearing Wednesday

What's your favorite way to wear baby? This is a picture of my 2 favorite ways. On my back or in a ring sling. 
Next week I hope to do a video or more pictures on why I love a good ring sling. 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Modest Mondays

Today I'm linking up with the modest mom http://www.themodestmomblog.com/
For modest Monday. I love Caroline's blog, especially modest Mondays. It is always so encouraging to read about modesty and femininity. 

I love wearing skirts and dresses. I feel so much more feminine and motherly. There's just something about being dressed for the day. I notice a huge difference in my attitude when I'm all put together vs still being in my yoga pant at noon or even all day. Now, I'm often still in my pjs at noon :) but I feel better when I'm not. Here's some pictures from this week. 
This skirt is from the modest moms clothing store. http://www.deborahandco.com/skirts/
I'm not sure it available anymore. It is my FAVORITE skirt. 



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last day. Day 7 of the flats challenge.

Today is the last day of the the flats hand washing challenge. http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/ 
sorry in advance for any typos or nonsensical jabber. I am blogging in bed on my phone, nursing my 13 month old. It's been a busy day. Thank goodness for modern tools, like my iPhone I can blog from. 

I had a great week. I am visiting my parents. Thankfully they have 3 bathrooms, so my diaper stash and wash system didn't have to take over their areas. 
I did the challenge last year and have switched to flats full time and wash part time. I knew what to expect, how to wash, how dry and what I liked and didn't like. 
Some things I didn't expect, was how much my 13 month old would love helping wash diapers. She gets really into it. 

It was a really fun time to hang with my youngest. 

Another thing that was surprising was how fast diapers dry outside in the sun. Last year we lived in Tacoma , WA. It rains 300 days a year. So I dried my diapers in the bathroom each night. But this year... SUNSHINE! The sun is awesome! The diapers were drying in about an hour. 


My parents have soft water.  As a result, I have had a much harder time getting all the detergent rinsed out. We had a little diaper rash a few times. I think it was from the detergent not getting rinsed out. It wasn't consistent, so I just  tried extra hard to make sure there was no more bubbles. Sometimes this took 5 rinses. 

I like washing as I go. But I'm guessing once I get home from visiting my parents, I'll be crazy busy and won't have built in babysitters, so the wash may happen at night when my husband can watch the kids. Or I may try to get all 4 of them involved and call it home economics :)

Something I realized, was I want to learn other homemaking arts. I want to learn to hand wash all clothes. I'm not saying I desire to get rid of my beloved washer and dryer. But learning how to do it, would be a great thing. 
Someone over on the Facebook page talked about teaching a class at crisis pregnancy centers. I have a deep passion for the pro life movement and especially single moms. I believe All life is a blessing from God, and something like diaper should not be a stress maker in a mothers life. ( there's enough to worry about) 
I would love to take that great idea, and do the same. Donate, flats and teach classes to young moms. Single or married. 
We have 4 kids and I know we save a lot of money by cloth diapering. 
I worked at a crisis pregnancy center in high school. I wish I'd known about cloth back then. 
I may have a new mission :)
I really do love cloth diapers. I mean  If you have to deal with poop everyday, it might as well be fun, fashionable and affordable. 

Thank you dirty diaper laundry for all your work and passion in sponsoring this awesome event.  http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/3rd-annual-flats-and-handwashing-challenge-day-6-open-topic-linky/

If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for joining. 

Next week have: modest Monday link up hosted by http://www.themodestmomblog.com/2013/05/modest-monday-and-a-link-up-35/

Baby wearing Wednesday. Join That Crazy Mom on my adventures in babywearing. 

Five minute Fridays. Things this crazy mom can get done in five minutes. 

See you tomorrow. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


So, today is day 6 of the flats hand washing challenge, sponsored by dirty diaper laundry http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/

It's been a crazy Saturday. Sorry my post is up so late.  

I put off washing last night. I was just to tired. So I had to do 12 diapers and 8 covers this morning. I got interrupted several times, but finally finished. I think I like washing as I go, better then so many at once. 

My oldest son got sick this evening and thew up at Church.  We are all feeling a little yucky, but I didn't think anyone was that sick. He proved me wrong. Poor guy. Thankfully the boys, all 3, are in bed ( kind of late but in bed) I'm laying down putting my sweet daughter to sleep. I still have 3 diapers to wash. But if I learned anything today, it was "don't put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today". 

Here's some pictures from today. 




Friday, May 24, 2013

Yep, I still hate poop

Well, this week I'm participating in the flats hand washing challenge  sponsored by dirty diaper laundry

Today, I'm talking about, whats working for me and whats not.

Lets start with what is working for me. I still love flat diapers. I've been cloth diapering since my second little one was born 4 years ago. We used mostly prefolds. We always struggled with getting the diapers really clean. So the idea of flats sounded like a great option. No layers for yeast and soap to hide. We have now been happily using flats for a year. We have flannel receiving blankets, homemade flannel flats and I just recently bought some flour sack towels  and ozycozy flats (that my kids and I are going to dye tomorrow)

I love the simplicity of flats. (I'm an underground minimalist, with hoarding tendencies) I love how clean I can get them. I have found I get the diapers way cleaner hand washing them, then they get in the washer. I love drying on the line, outside or in. I love having the washer free to do the laundry of my growing family (5 kids my husband and me, so far)

Yesterday, I wrote about how I hand wash. I've been washing in the bathroom sink after every diapers change or after every 3 or 4. I'm not sure I like this better then washing all at night or in the morning. I guess we'll see as I press on. Sometimes I just have to get the dirty diaper off and a clean one on and get back to whatever is more pressing.
Today I did have to do a larger load. I was lazy last night and didn't want to wash. We had been out of the house all evening and had a few diapers to wash. I didn't get around to washing until late this afternoon. I think I had 8 diapers and 5 covers.. I washed in the sink and did two rinses in the bathtub, than hung them outside.

Now for what I'm NOT into!
I really dislike poop. We usually use flushable liners. I really love flushable liners. I am very not into swishing poop in the toilet. I do wear gloves, but I really will be happy at the end of this week and I can go back to using the liners. Did I mention I DO NOT LIKE POOP!
I am visiting my parents and I don't have a clothes line (my dad said he'd put one up if I want him to) so I've been putting the diapers on hangers and hanging them all over the back yard. It's been pretty windy and we've ended up with diapers all over the yard. So, i miss my clothes line.

Herer are a few pictures from today




Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hand washing how to.

 My wash routine last year was simple enough. My husband would put the kids to bed while I took about 30 minutes to wash diapers  (And by put to bed I mean everyone ran around the house until I was done and I could nurse the newborn and 18 month old to sleep and my husband and the two older kids would watch a movie or eat a snack and fall asleep and my husband would move them to their beds) 
The wash routine was: dump diaper pail, squeeze poop water from diapers. Blah. Wash each diaper in the sink. Fill up bathtub with clean water. Rinse in tub. 

I continued this sink to bathtub routine for about 3 months after the challenge. I liked it. 
This year however, I am visiting my parents. My husband is remodlding our home. So I'm the "put the kids to bed person"  Which doesn't always happen smoothly or before 10pm. I'll be honest, the last thing I want to do at night is wash diapers and try and be quiet so I don't wake the kids or my dad. 

I have a new wash plan. Wash as I go. I have done  this in the past, so I know it can work. I just hope it will work, with 4 kids and trying to homeschool.  I think it should only take about 1-2 minutes to wash and hang after each diaper change. 

Wash as I go, is going pretty good. Its more like wash every 3 diaper changes. I don't alway have time (even 2 or 3 minute) to wash as soon as its done.  I did find that washing in shifts worked well.  I rinse right way. Then when I have a few minutes (in between homeschooling, other laundry, nursing and what ever other random mothering things come up) I wash each diapers. Then I usually here someone crying or climbing on something or its lunch time, so I pile them on the counter clean. Then the next random moment I have I can hang them outside or in the bathroom. This seems to be the best "that crazy mom" with all those kids, option.  

I did a few videos on washing. 

The first is, what to do with poo diapers. I usually use reusable rubber gloves, but this is what my mom had, so I used those.

The second is Wash as I go

The last is a bit longer, 11 minutes, I wanted to see how long it took to wash 6 diapers at a time.

Some other things i've learned:

-Covers take a long time to dry, but if you roll it in a towel before you hang it, it dries way faster!

-rubber gloves help in ringing out diapers and help the gross factor when swishing out poop in the toilet.

-I can get a lot more regular laundry done, when the washer isn't always full of diapers. 

Happy hand washing friends. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats challenge. FOLDS

Well, its day three of the flats hand washing challenge.  We are doing great
Today I have a few videos and pictures of some folds we do. We mostly do the pad fold which you can see in this first picture. I made this flat. It's 20 by 20 flannel. Very slim. Sometimes I use two. 

Here is a pad fold video this is what we use the most. I like it because its fast and easy. If I prep them before hand it's just as easy to put on an aio or a disposable. I especially like this one for packing the diaper bag. Just pull it out and put it on.  Easy Peesy.

Here is another kind of fold. I use this with newborns with more runny poo.
I saw this on the flats challenge Facebook page. I thought it was really smart. Snappis don't fit well on flannel, so this is a great option. This is a 27 by 27 flannel flat tied on my 2 1/2 year old.  
I hope everyone is doing great. Let me know if you want to see anything else. 

Tomorrow I'll talking about hand washing. Videos and pictures. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 2 of the Flats Hand washing Challenge! The Goods

Day 2 of the flats hand-washing challenge. What am I using...the goods. 

When I was first looking into cloth diapering, I looked all over the Internet, reading reviews and price checking. I spent hours and days and weeks trying to make a decision. All I kept thinking was, man these things are expensive. I knew that in the long run, I would be saving money but I just didn't have $300 or more to spend at one time. It just was not an option. My mom ended up buying us some prefolds and covers. I used those for 2 years. In fact we still use them from time to time.

When I heard about this challenge, I thought, "now that's a great idea" I am that person that can't afford diapers. So I took the challenge last year. I  bought: 

Two 10 count gerber flats $10 each.

I collected all the receiving blankets  we had. It was 16.

My mom bought me a few more flip covers.

The detergent I was already using - detergent I've used for about a year and love

I had baby wash cloths to use as wipes.

My cost was about $20 dollars
The cost all together was about $80 dollars. 

 I did make some homemade flannel flats and some more wipes at Christmas time. Cost  $20

I didn't have to buy anything new this year. My diapers, covers and wipes are all still in great working order. 

This years challenge I will be using:

-20 flannel flats. Mix of homemade and receiving blankets. 

-30 flannel wipes. Homemade

Some things I won't be using that I normally do:
Flushable liners
Washer and dryer.

Homemade how to
I bought the cheapest cotton flannel I could find. $1.99 a yard. Cut it 28 by 28.  Then serged the edges. Then washed them. They shrunk to about 27 X 27. 
I also made some smaller ones 20 x20

The wipes are about 8 x 8 surged flannel. 

Have fun everyone! Talk to you tomorrow. 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge.

"You're doing what?" I hear from family and friends.
"I'm using old fashioned flat diapers and I'm hand washing them."
It's always an interesting conversation. So, let me tell you why I'm taking the flats and hand wash challenge  for the second year.
My first thought last year was:

Um Gross
When I first read about the challenge, I was honestly pretty grossed out. The part of cloth diapering I already didn't like was having to deal with the poo. So, the idea of hand washing poop out of diapers was less than appealing. I've been cloth diapering for 4 years. I still hate poop. 

What we used before 
I was already cloth diapering when I stumbled upon  this challenge. We used mostly prefolds and covers, I have a few pocket diapers and a couple of aio's. Over the years we have struggled with diaper rashes and lots of yeast issues. So I was most interested in being able to get them really clean and fully rinsed out. Since flats are only one  layer I thought this was a great option.

Why, Why, Why hand wash?
My why last year, was to get rid of diaper rash with a one layer diaper. which we did and have not really returned to other kinds of cloth diapers.

My why this year is to show that money shouldn't be the reason your baby sits in a poop diaper. First off, that's gross. Second it can harmful.
Diapers can be a real struggle for some families. I know that when my family is using disposables we spend $100 a month. $100 can go a long way towards other things. Things like feeding my 5 kids or paying the mortgage or gas. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine an extra $100 dollars.

As for hand washing. Well, a lot of people don't have a washer and dryer. I know we haven't always. I consider it a great blessing that we do now. So for this challenge, I want to show that not having these convinces should also not be a reason to test the limits of a disposable diaper.
Again imagine an extra $100 dollars a month.

I have 2 kids in diapers right now. 1 year old and 2 year old. So come along this week and see how we do.