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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge.

"You're doing what?" I hear from family and friends.
"I'm using old fashioned flat diapers and I'm hand washing them."
It's always an interesting conversation. So, let me tell you why I'm taking the flats and hand wash challenge  for the second year.
My first thought last year was:

Um Gross
When I first read about the challenge, I was honestly pretty grossed out. The part of cloth diapering I already didn't like was having to deal with the poo. So, the idea of hand washing poop out of diapers was less than appealing. I've been cloth diapering for 4 years. I still hate poop. 

What we used before 
I was already cloth diapering when I stumbled upon  this challenge. We used mostly prefolds and covers, I have a few pocket diapers and a couple of aio's. Over the years we have struggled with diaper rashes and lots of yeast issues. So I was most interested in being able to get them really clean and fully rinsed out. Since flats are only one  layer I thought this was a great option.

Why, Why, Why hand wash?
My why last year, was to get rid of diaper rash with a one layer diaper. which we did and have not really returned to other kinds of cloth diapers.

My why this year is to show that money shouldn't be the reason your baby sits in a poop diaper. First off, that's gross. Second it can harmful.
Diapers can be a real struggle for some families. I know that when my family is using disposables we spend $100 a month. $100 can go a long way towards other things. Things like feeding my 5 kids or paying the mortgage or gas. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine an extra $100 dollars.

As for hand washing. Well, a lot of people don't have a washer and dryer. I know we haven't always. I consider it a great blessing that we do now. So for this challenge, I want to show that not having these convinces should also not be a reason to test the limits of a disposable diaper.
Again imagine an extra $100 dollars a month.

I have 2 kids in diapers right now. 1 year old and 2 year old. So come along this week and see how we do. 

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