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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hand washing how to.

 My wash routine last year was simple enough. My husband would put the kids to bed while I took about 30 minutes to wash diapers  (And by put to bed I mean everyone ran around the house until I was done and I could nurse the newborn and 18 month old to sleep and my husband and the two older kids would watch a movie or eat a snack and fall asleep and my husband would move them to their beds) 
The wash routine was: dump diaper pail, squeeze poop water from diapers. Blah. Wash each diaper in the sink. Fill up bathtub with clean water. Rinse in tub. 

I continued this sink to bathtub routine for about 3 months after the challenge. I liked it. 
This year however, I am visiting my parents. My husband is remodlding our home. So I'm the "put the kids to bed person"  Which doesn't always happen smoothly or before 10pm. I'll be honest, the last thing I want to do at night is wash diapers and try and be quiet so I don't wake the kids or my dad. 

I have a new wash plan. Wash as I go. I have done  this in the past, so I know it can work. I just hope it will work, with 4 kids and trying to homeschool.  I think it should only take about 1-2 minutes to wash and hang after each diaper change. 

Wash as I go, is going pretty good. Its more like wash every 3 diaper changes. I don't alway have time (even 2 or 3 minute) to wash as soon as its done.  I did find that washing in shifts worked well.  I rinse right way. Then when I have a few minutes (in between homeschooling, other laundry, nursing and what ever other random mothering things come up) I wash each diapers. Then I usually here someone crying or climbing on something or its lunch time, so I pile them on the counter clean. Then the next random moment I have I can hang them outside or in the bathroom. This seems to be the best "that crazy mom" with all those kids, option.  

I did a few videos on washing. 

The first is, what to do with poo diapers. I usually use reusable rubber gloves, but this is what my mom had, so I used those.

The second is Wash as I go

The last is a bit longer, 11 minutes, I wanted to see how long it took to wash 6 diapers at a time.

Some other things i've learned:

-Covers take a long time to dry, but if you roll it in a towel before you hang it, it dries way faster!

-rubber gloves help in ringing out diapers and help the gross factor when swishing out poop in the toilet.

-I can get a lot more regular laundry done, when the washer isn't always full of diapers. 

Happy hand washing friends. 


  1. Your second video is what got me started with washing as I go. I am loving it! The poopy dipes still go into the bucket with plunger after getting sprayed into the potty, but I am loving to wash as I go as much as possible. Thank you so much for sharing! Do you mind if I share your youtube vids or embed them into posts or anything? I really want to share how easy it is to wash as you go :)

    1. Thanks, I'm glad it was helpful. Yes you can use the video.