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Sorry for any typos. I mostly blog from my iPhone lying in bed nursing a baby or sitting on the couch nursing a baby, or wearing a baby nursing. In between home schooling and laundry and diaper changing. Oh did I mention I might be nursing a baby? The point is, I rarely sit down at the computer. Thanks for understanding. You're the best!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


So, today is day 6 of the flats hand washing challenge, sponsored by dirty diaper laundry http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/

It's been a crazy Saturday. Sorry my post is up so late.  

I put off washing last night. I was just to tired. So I had to do 12 diapers and 8 covers this morning. I got interrupted several times, but finally finished. I think I like washing as I go, better then so many at once. 

My oldest son got sick this evening and thew up at Church.  We are all feeling a little yucky, but I didn't think anyone was that sick. He proved me wrong. Poor guy. Thankfully the boys, all 3, are in bed ( kind of late but in bed) I'm laying down putting my sweet daughter to sleep. I still have 3 diapers to wash. But if I learned anything today, it was "don't put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today". 

Here's some pictures from today. 




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