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Friday, May 24, 2013

Yep, I still hate poop

Well, this week I'm participating in the flats hand washing challenge  sponsored by dirty diaper laundry

Today, I'm talking about, whats working for me and whats not.

Lets start with what is working for me. I still love flat diapers. I've been cloth diapering since my second little one was born 4 years ago. We used mostly prefolds. We always struggled with getting the diapers really clean. So the idea of flats sounded like a great option. No layers for yeast and soap to hide. We have now been happily using flats for a year. We have flannel receiving blankets, homemade flannel flats and I just recently bought some flour sack towels  and ozycozy flats (that my kids and I are going to dye tomorrow)

I love the simplicity of flats. (I'm an underground minimalist, with hoarding tendencies) I love how clean I can get them. I have found I get the diapers way cleaner hand washing them, then they get in the washer. I love drying on the line, outside or in. I love having the washer free to do the laundry of my growing family (5 kids my husband and me, so far)

Yesterday, I wrote about how I hand wash. I've been washing in the bathroom sink after every diapers change or after every 3 or 4. I'm not sure I like this better then washing all at night or in the morning. I guess we'll see as I press on. Sometimes I just have to get the dirty diaper off and a clean one on and get back to whatever is more pressing.
Today I did have to do a larger load. I was lazy last night and didn't want to wash. We had been out of the house all evening and had a few diapers to wash. I didn't get around to washing until late this afternoon. I think I had 8 diapers and 5 covers.. I washed in the sink and did two rinses in the bathtub, than hung them outside.

Now for what I'm NOT into!
I really dislike poop. We usually use flushable liners. I really love flushable liners. I am very not into swishing poop in the toilet. I do wear gloves, but I really will be happy at the end of this week and I can go back to using the liners. Did I mention I DO NOT LIKE POOP!
I am visiting my parents and I don't have a clothes line (my dad said he'd put one up if I want him to) so I've been putting the diapers on hangers and hanging them all over the back yard. It's been pretty windy and we've ended up with diapers all over the yard. So, i miss my clothes line.

Herer are a few pictures from today





  1. Hey love the blog!!! So much information! I cant see the pictures just so you know! I really want to see the pictures from today!