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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

hard mommy days

Monday was a particularly hard mommy day. You know the kind (well i hope I'm not alone) when the kids wake up fighting, crying, whining! AHHHHH! It makes me want to run for the hills.  The day started that way and ended that way. It DID NOT get better ALL day. Usually if we are having one of "those days", we scrap all plans and I send everyone back to bed for a "do over"  I make more coffee, and we paint or play in the water or watch TV, yes watch TV. But Monday was different. NOTHING worked. I turned into grumpy grouchy mom and we were all unhappy, There was no joy of the Lord is our strength on Monday.

It made me sad, angry, frazzled and all together CRAZY!

Then after all the littles were nicely tucked in bed I started praying and thinking about the day. What went wrong, I thought. What didn't I do, I thought. Then, like a lightning bolt, it hit me. We all have those days. (right?) We do.  It could have been a lot of things. We are visiting my parents, so we aren't in our own home, our schedule is off, daddy isn't with us, or they could be catching a cold. I'm not sure. What I am sure of, is these little blessing from God are part of how I work out my salvation. I realized I didn't treat them the way I would have treated Jesus.

I'm not sure if I could have made everyone happy, but I'm sure I could have behaved better. I could have chosen to Let the Joy of the Lord be my strength.

Tuesday and today have been much better. I've cracked my Bible back open and am diving in. I'm offering up my "crazy days" for Heaven for my children. 
It's not a magic pill or easy button, but I know that God can and does work all this out for His Glory! (and our good!)

Here are some great things to do, when you need a "do over"

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not alone!! And I only have TWO.

    I admit to letting Scary Mama out a little too often, becoming impatient and downright mean. :( I don't like it, and I know it isn't helping my boys (except that they DO fear the Wrath of Mama while Mama's not around, so they don't get into trouble (yet) while I have my back turned. There's something to that, maybe). But what are they going to remember?

    I struggle with it, too, and I try to remember to ask forgiveness and patience and grace. Fortunately, He has all the grace in the world for His heirs. :)

    Miss you! *Hugs!*