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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Glow sticks equal happiness?

The kids were sick today. Well, ok we only had one sick kid. But that meant, sick day for all. (No formal school)

By the afternoon our sick little one was feeling a bit better and the others we ready for some run around fun. 

I happens to have glow sticks for some reason ( thank you Pinterest for convincing me I needed them)
So, I cracked them open and sent them to  the playroom. Off with the lights, I ordered. 
And the giggles began. They built a camp fire, they roasted hot dogs,they made their paper plate masks glow.(yes paper plate super hero masks) 
(Yes it looks kinda like Jason, I know. Don't judge) ;)

It was a great end to a sick morning. I got to get some laundry done and listen to the giggles (only a little fighting) of my babies. 

My conclusion? Glow sticks equal happiness. :)

Well maybe not, but they sure provided us some good clean fun!

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