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Monday, July 8, 2013

Modest Monday - travel outfit.

Well, it's been a long wonderful weekend. The kids and myself are still visiting my family while my husband remodels our home. But this weekend my amazingly brave dad, drove us (4 loud kids and me) to Salt Lake City UT to meet up with my husband and step son for, Man In The Moon Event
We only got to attend the education seminar (everything was sold out before we decided to go) but it was wonderful for us all to see my husband. The kids were so happy. And the conference was informative. (I'll blog about that another day)

Here's what I wore to travel in. 
Sorry for the bad picture. I take them all with the self timer on my iPhone.
Shirt- the only one I like :)
Shirts- a kaki cargo skirt I got from a friend 
Shoes- flip flops. 
It was comfy and practical. 

What are your go to travel outfits?

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