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Sorry for any typos. I mostly blog from my iPhone lying in bed nursing a baby or sitting on the couch nursing a baby, or wearing a baby nursing. In between home schooling and laundry and diaper changing. Oh did I mention I might be nursing a baby? The point is, I rarely sit down at the computer. Thanks for understanding. You're the best!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nap on my back?

I wanted this post up on Wednesday, but, well, umm.  Anyway :) I plan to have a regular "baby wearing Wednesday"  post. I'll do videos, and have pictures all about baby wearing. You can ask questions or link up (once I figure out how to do link ups. Lol) 

So here you have it. 

Wearing a toddler to sleep.  
What can you do while baby wearing?


  1. That looks cozy! I want a nap and get carried around! It seems like you could do a lot with your hands free with that great sling you made! Great job how can we get one of those again?

    1. They really are quite helpful. You can get one over at my website. www.thatcrazymom.net. right now i'm just doing custom orders. so you can send fabric and I'll put it together. or message me what you're looking for (ex. chevron print, or hearts) and I can track the fabric down and make one for you. if you send fabric in, the price is 25 dollars plus shipping. if i buy the fabric (depending on the price of fabric) it's about 80 dollars plus shipping.
      I hope that was helpful. you can email me at yatesvision@gmail.com