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Sorry for any typos. I mostly blog from my iPhone lying in bed nursing a baby or sitting on the couch nursing a baby, or wearing a baby nursing. In between home schooling and laundry and diaper changing. Oh did I mention I might be nursing a baby? The point is, I rarely sit down at the computer. Thanks for understanding. You're the best!

Monday, August 26, 2013

breastfeeding Multitasking

I like to multitask. If I can do 2 things at once, I am happy. I really think is more like add. But we'll call it multitasking :)

For example, in high school, I couldn't just watch a show with my family on a Friday night. I had to also be writing and flipping through a magazine at the same time. I don't idle well. 

Silent prayer has always been hard. Something I really have to focus on. Be still and be with God. 
The be still part, is the hard part for me. My brain works really fast. 

So, when i became a mom, I brought my multitasking ways with me. Breastfeeding/ pumping with baby number 1, I read and watched tv.

By the time I had baby number 2, I had a smart phone and I wasn't afraid to use it. :)

I read a lot of books on breastfeeding (something I struggled with ) I read email, checked facebook, all while nursing my sweet baby. It seemed to be a great time to multitask. 

Then came baby 3 and then 4 all pretty quick. 

We didn't have a computer. So all my Internet needs were fulfilled by my smart phone. Email, Facebook, blogging. I did most of it while nursing a baby or two. 

Well, a few weeks ago I realized I was WAY stressed out. (Something I don't  normally deal With) We are in the middle of a move, a job change for my husband, homeschooling and launching some family  businesses .  A lot to do at once. 

One of the things I always look forward to during  the day, is getting to sit and nurse my sweet baby girl. It doesn't happen very often any more since she's 17 months old, but it's still one of my favorite things  each day. I get to lay down and chill for a few minutes. 

What I noticed last week was, I ALWAYS, Facebook, blog or read while nursing. I didn't ever think this was a problem. But this week I decided to put the iPhone down while breastfeeding and let the happy mommy hormones really help me relax. I realized my brain was never at rest. I was always on the go. always "at work" 

I feel God really working on my mommy heart, to just be still and love my baby and rest. Moms don't get a lot of that. But it's built into our day.  We just have to take the time God gives us. 

So off with the phone. (At least while nursing) :)

What do you think about breastfeeding and multitasking? 

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