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Thursday, August 15, 2013

curriculum 2013-14

Our kids are 8, 4, 3, and 17 months old.  This is what we are using this year. We are still piecing together some things, but this is a good start

We have this whole curriculum from dollar homeschool I like that I can print new books, when the old ones get worn out (or milked dumped on them, or chewed up or...) I haven't really looked at the sience and history yet, but I'm sure its great too.

This came in the dollar homeschool but I also bought the hard back version


I really Love this Math. I've never been very good at math, so I was nervous to have to teach it. However these books are awesome. I am learning something everyday!


WE have this child training Bible but I want this one. It is pretty much the same, but has some Catholic elements. And it's an ebook, so you can down load it right away. (I like instant gratification)
We have theses catechisms 

We love this book from Holy Hero's too 
We memorize one scripture or prayer each week, and part of the catechism question.


I copy the Bible verse or prayer we are learning and they copy that each day. 


We have a set of these that my parents gave us. So We are just doing a book a week, Unit study style. 


I am still looking for something we really love.  For now we are reading the Bible and talking about the history.
We also watch this
and talk about American history.


We love anything from Holy Hero's
The kids love to draw, and paint and use their kindles 

 What do you use?

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