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Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning Monster

I have always been a naturally cheery person in the morning. My parents home schooled my brother and me. I remember in high school, my mom looking out over her morning coffee at my chipper face with a look that said, "quit being so loud" all in a loving mom way.

After high school, I had many a roommate give me this same look with more colorful looks and with colorful words.

What I've always liked about the morning, is the still, quietness. I have always loved to spend time with God, listening to God, quietly listening.

I like to watch sunrises, and smell the morning dew. I even like to chill of morning and wrapping myself up in a blanket with a cup of fresh ground coffee and a bit of heavy cream or a nice cup of earl grey tea.


10 years of marriage and 4 kids, has created and morning MONSTER!

As soon as I had my first baby, I almost instantly turned from chipper morning lady, to, tired, lets watch tv until I can function mama. My first son even slept through the night early and slept in his own bed.

I tried to blame it on my husband being deployed and having to do everything myself. But I really had a lot of help while he was gone.

Then we had more kids. The next group of little ones came fast. 18  months apart. Each one slept with us and nursed until a little over 2 years old.  Co-sleeping hasn't really made me anymore tired then I was with one baby sleeping in his own bed. In fact it has very much helped the breastfeeding relationship and I feel I get more sleep now, not having to get out of bed every time the baby needs to eat.

The real Problem with mornings is... THEY (all those kids) can sense when I'm about to get up. It does not matter how early I set the alarm, they will know and at least one of them with want to be up.

No more still, quiet, prayerful, sunrise watching, dew smelling, coffee enjoying mornings. NO! NO more!

So I have started staying in bed until all 4 of them are up and begging me for food, or I can smell that a baby needs a diaper change or I hear them fighting over a toy in the other room.

I hide from the morning.

Have you ever noticed that everyday normal things, are soooooo much louder in the morning, when people are sleeping?

Take this morning for instance, I very quietly (like a ninja in fact) snuck out of my warm bed at 4 am. I noticed how much the floor creaks, and how loud I walk (like an amazon women) and even the light switches make noise and the coffee pot. Oh my the coffee pot SHHHHHH.

I have already had to go and shush the baby back to sleep, twice. I know she's not ready to get up, but she knows I'm up. They all do.

In my ideal world, I wouldn't care so much if they were up with me. We could enjoy the quiet together. We could pray together and enjoy the sunrise together.

But instead we have LOUD. With 3 boys and then a girl, our house is always loud. Morning, noon and night.

I do have a plan though. I am casting my sleepies on the Lord. I am making a stand against the morning monster. I am going to say hello to mornings again. If the kids wake up, so be it. I will be coming up with a morning action plan.

Easy breakfasts
quiet activities for the littles
Coffee and a smile once more.

Take That Morning Monster! Take That!

Join me and other moms from around the globe in the hello mornings challenge. Go check it out and follow me on my fight again the Morning monster. http://www.hellomornings.org

I want to know your best morning tips. Help a tired mama out.

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  1. So excited for this challenge. I'm going to do it too! Thanks for sharing!