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Thursday, September 26, 2013

homeschool fun

I love workbooks. I could buy them all day and gaze at their beauty. I love the idea of my children using them to practice handwriting or math.

What I don't like it when they use them and "mess them up" :) I feel ripped off. It was so pretty, so new, so useful. Now is covered in marker, crayon, pen and no one is better at handwriting. We have 4 kids we are homeschooling and buying all those workbooks can get pricey.

I first thought I could just make copies each day for them to practice. I may still do that for somethings. But today I had an idea. For my preschoolers and kindergartner and maybe even my 3 grader for somethings I am laminating the workbook pages and they can practice with dry erase marker over and over again, until a skill is mastered.

I took our preschool workbooks and laminated them!
Now we have reusable workbooks. Whoot, whoot! I really love my laminater. It was only $24 dollars on amazon and has been well worth the tiny investment. Most of our preschool stuff we get from the Dollar Store. Some of these tracing books my mom bought a few years ago.  We have laminated flash cards and sentence practice too. So fun!

I am so happy about this I could giggle, in fact I did the whole time i was laminating!

Happy Homeschooling!