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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quick link

I was just on periscope (@catholicmom_) talking about getting my Norwex box. I said I would put the link in a post here if you want to shop or sign up. It's free to sign up in September. 😀 I'm new to the company and a pretty excited. So here is the LINK... http://www.norwex.biz/pws/amandayates/tabs/home.aspx

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stash stash show me your stash!

Well hello and welcome back. If you are following us in the Flats and hand washing challenge, today is day 2! The topic for today is...what diapers are we using. 

We've been using flats exclusively since our first challenge 3 years ago. I love flats. The first year I used flannel receiving blankets and flip covers I already had.
 I bought some Walmart flour sack towels the next year.
I made some DIY Tshirt flats  and DIY fleece covers our 3rd challenge. 

Ok ok blah blah blah.  WHAT ARE YOU USING THIS YEAR? 

ANSWER...SAMs club flour sack towels. 

These things are AWESOME! 
They are quite a bit bigger than the Walmart flats. 

The tie dyed one is a Walmart flour sack towel, it is laying on top of a SAMs flour sack towel. 
The reason this is so cool, is it makes the pad fold thicker. I even use it overnight. 
I'm still using the same flip covers. I also made some fleece liners. I'm hoping this will help wick the moister away and keep baby rash free. 
I just cut up a pair of old fleece Jammie's for the liners. 

cost  brake down of this years stash 
SAMs flour sack towels $12.99
4 flip covers (bought 2 and 3 years ago) $48
Old Jammie's for fleece liners. $ free 
Wipes (baby wash cloths, purchased 6 years ago) $3

Total cost $63.99

There are years of diapering still in these things. 

Happy diapering! 

Check out my video on this same topic!